priest_thumbnail The Priest That Preyed

Fiction can never match the sexual abuse visited upon children in the Catholic Church in Los Angeles.

The New York Times

hamlet Hamlet

Unpublished painting for Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.


lolita_thumbnail Lolita

My contribution to Lolita: Story of a Cover Girl, a collection of essays and new covers addressing Nabokov's classic novel. 

Print Books

monster_thumb My Monster, My Self

In time for Halloween eight artists depict and describe a monster that embodies their deepest or most irrational fear.

The New York Times

sea_change_thumbnail Sea Change

Cover to Sea Change by S.M. Wheeler

Tor Books

vagina_panther Vagina Panther

Record cover for Brooklyn's favorite illegal rock band.

aqualamb records

black_count_thumbnail The Black Count

Cover for The Black Count by Tom Reiss: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo.

Crown/Random House

lisane A Portrait of Lisane

A Portrait of Lisane Da Patagnia, for an upcoming piece of original fiction by Rachel Swirsky.

Coming soon to Tor.com

reaper_thumbnail Reaper

Book jacket for Reaper, a young adult novel by K.D. McEntire

Pyr Books

pearlfisher_thumbnail Pearl Fisher

Part of an ongoing series.


yamamoto_thumbnail Yamamoto

How an admiral who had warned against war came to plan the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor

The New York Times

faircoin Fair Coin

Book jacket for Fair Coin, a young adult novel by E.C. Myers.

Pyr Books