dandelion Dandelion

Part of an ongoing series.


hatshepsut_thumbnail Hatshepsut

Book cover for The Woman Who Would Be King by Kara Cooney.

Crown Publishers

hero_of_ages Mistborn

Covers for the YA edition of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series.

Tor Books

hammer Hammer

Tools of the trade.

Plan Sponsor

city_of_stairs_thumbnail City of Stairs

Cover for Robert Jackson Bennett's upcoming novel.

Crown Publishers

ophelia_nocturne Ophelia, nocturne

Part of an ongoing series.


nanobots Nanobots

Collages for a vinyl and CD release by They Might Be Giants.

They Might Be Giants

rooney ♥♥Rooney

Portrait for Eight by Eight magazine.

Priest + Grace

wheeloftime_thumbnail The Wheel of Time

A painted rendition of Robert Jordan's iconic snake and wheel. Used on print editions, merchandise and online.

Tor Books

the_uninvited_thumbnail The Uninvited

DVD Package for the rerelease of Lewis Allen's 1944 classic The Uninvited.

The Criterion Collection

nymphs_thumbnail Nymphs

Part of an ongoing series of collages


lolit_redux_thumbnail Lolita Redux

Unpublished contribution to Lolita: Story of a Cover Girl, a collection of essays and new covers addressing Nabokov's classic novel.

Print Books