Sea Change

Cover to Sea Change by S.M. Wheeler

Client: Tor Books

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My favorite covers as a reader have always been those that I can continue to interact with. Pictures that I constantly find myself flipping back to, the meaning within the image slowly revealing itself or even changing as the narrative unfolds. Not every book affords one the opportunity to create a cover like that, but when an image has the potential to work in such a way it’s always exhilarating. Books are more than just containers for stories, I hope the detail and context behind the objects we chose prove surprising, and add something to what a reader gets from the experience of holding this book.

All credit goes of course to S.M. Wheeler, who wrote such a fantastic novel filled with visceral material and characters that manage to feel both real and otherworldly at the same time. You can read an excerpt over at

Irene Gallo was the Art Director(thanks as always).