Collage Series

A series of collages created from photos of antiques and old master paintings.

Client: Personal

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I originally started working on these to generate ideas for paintings. It became quickly apparent however that the collages, as images, were finished objects in and of themselves. There was something incredibly satisfying about building something from pre-existing surfaces and textures. I was looking at paintings differently also. I feel that I developed a deeper understanding of the source material, through my search for compelling elements to repurpose into new pictures. The process of creating paintings, although incredibly satisfying in the long term, is time consuming and often frustrating. There was something very satisfying about being able to make richly surfaced images almost immediately, like cheating, with all the associated emotions that one might imagine accompanies such an act. Compared to the seemingly glacial pace of creating a painting from nothing, these collages leapt into existence almost instantly. Like magic.

Tower of Song


Step Mother

Sky Door

Rotten Beast







Cry Wolf


Blue Beard 3

Blue Beard 2

Blue Beard 1